Playground for the remarkable

The most exciting games have yet to be played. We’re the playground that can handle them all.

We create remarkable brands through work that wows. Work that is head-turning, splash-making, thumb-stopping.
Because conventional doesn’t get you noticed. ‘Okay’ isn’t going to cut it. So, we don’t play safe. Instead, we bite off more than we can chew. We take risks. Train for the unexpected. That’s how we plan to leave a legacy.

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Work that wows

Rebranding Miro to supercharge their growth from 2M to 50M monthly users.

Engaging 99, 374 fans in-stadium with an FC Barcelona battle.

Boosting donations with 142,5% for UNICEF Nederland with email marketing.

Leveraging smart marketing automation to double Carglass online appointment bookings.

Eye-opening results for Hans Anders through hyper-personalized email campaigns.

Activating 77.5 million Ed Sheeran fans through an interactive game on Spotify.

Transforming traditional opera into 21st-century baroque for the Nederlandse Reisopera.

Reimagining Juni on its way to a $206 million funding round.

What we do

United Playgrounds works with remarkable companies to take ambitious ideas from ideation to execution and beyond. We're more than just a branding agency, design studio, or marketing wizard – we're a playground for the remarkable, with the expertise to transform brands into heroes.

Loosely coupled but tightly aligned, we pride ourselves on having a unique shared culture. One that’s fueled by challenge and powered by an entrepreneurial mindset of collaboration, eagerness and bravoure.

Services we deliver are:

  • Branding and design
  • Game development
  • Platform architecture
  • eCommerce services
  • Performance marketing
  • Content creation
  • Data analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing automation
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